About Art Therapy Gold Coast

Founded in 2016, Art Therapy Gold Coast exists to provide trauma-informed therapy and healing to Gold Coast locals looking for mental health support, NDIS therapy, personal growth and development, help overcoming trauma or uncovering and working through mental blocks.

The work we do revolves around our four main pillars:

  1. IDENTITY: Helping you become more self-aware and confident in who you are.
  2. PROCESS: Helping you unpack what’s keeping you stuck and learning how to move past it.
  3. RESILIENCE: Developing skills and techniques to express and cope with difficult feelings.
  4. GROWTH: Improving your self-worth, co-ordination and motor skills to be the best version of you.


  • $Explore imagination
  • $Identify mental blocks


  • $Clarify issues/concerns
  • $Share in a safe environment


  • $Express difficult feelings
  • $Develop coping skills


  • $Improve self-esteem
  • $Improve coordination

Our Studio

Art Therapy sessions are conducted in our fully equipped art studio located in Burleigh Heads (Queensland).

We provide all the resources needed for the session, you only need to bring yourself.

Although painting is one of the primary strategies we use, we have a range of mediums that may be utilised depending on your needs, preferences and situation, including sand, drawing, clay, music, movement, and more.

You do not need to be “good” at art to benefit from Art Therapy – and the meaning of your work, along with the process in which it is made, is reflected upon at the end of each session with the therapist.

Art therapy works because creativity is a ‘whole brain’ activity that can access information inaccessible to traditional therapies. By engaging in art making your body and brain have the opportunity to reconnect and regulate your internal systems.

“We need to heal trauma where it is stored in the brain. That is in the lower regions that cannot be accessed through language. Art Therapy provides the perfect means to do so.”



Meet Anna Ward

Diploma of Art Therapy, Masters of Art Therapy
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Post Grad Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Anna Ward is not only an accomplished artist and qualified teacher, but one of Queensland’s most highly qualified and experienced Art Therapists, having completed her Masters in Art Therapy.

She is an enthusiastic advocate for art therapy and began Art Therapy Gold Coast to assist others to lead more fulfilled lives.

Anna brings over two decades of art making experience to her artistic endeavours and trauma-informed therapeutic sessions. Having gone through a heuristic study during her Masters program, Anna learnt first hand how effective this modality is for working through personal issues.

As a result, she has a strong humanistic and person centered focus when it comes to her clients.