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Art Therapy
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Gold Coast Art Therapist Anna Ward from Gold Coast Art Therapy


  • $Explore imagination
  • $Identify mental blocks


  • $Clarify issues/concerns
  • $Share in a safe environment


  • $Express difficult feelings
  • $Develop coping skills


  • $Improve self-esteem
  • $Improve coordination

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy combines psychotherapeutic tools and creative expression to assist people with anxiety, depression, conflict, trauma or maladaptive thoughts and behaviours.

Art Therapy Gold Coast (ATGC) has been set up to assist individuals or groups using psychotherapeutic methods to improve personal wellbeing and re frame an individual’s life concept into a positive context.

Creativity is used to express, explore and problem solve within a person centered, therapeutic setting. Art Therapy Gold Coast values each individual and their life journey as unique, aspiring to support the client through personal healing, growth and renewed sense of self worth.

Ultimately, Art Therapy is an opportunity where vulnerable people can feel supported enough to explore suppressed, often painful, chaotic, unpleasant, inner conflicts that can safely be expressed through art materials and resolved, enhancing the client’s quality of life.

Art Therapy can help with:

  • ZAnxiety & Depression
  • ZHealing & growth
  • ZReducing stress
  • ZIncreasing self-esteem
  • ZImproving motor skills
  • ZManaging behaviour
  • ZProcessing trauma
  • ZExpressing difficult feelings
  • ZAchieving breakthroughs
  • ZDeveloping interpersonal skills
  • ZResolving conflict
  • ZImprove coping skills & focus


“The most profound healing can materialise when someone feels supported and empowered enough to construct their own meaning and make personal decisions throughout their therapeutic journey.”


Meet Anna Ward

Diploma of Art Therapy, Masters of Art Therapy
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Post Grad Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Anna Ward is not only an accomplished artist and qualified teacher, but one of Queensland’s most highly qualified and experienced Art Therapists, having completed her Masters in Art Therapy.

She is an enthusiastic advocate for art therapy and began Art Therapy Gold Coast to assist others to lead more fulfilled lives.

Anna brings over two decades of art making experience to her artistic endeavours and therapeutic sessions. Having gone through a heuristic study during her Masters program, Anna learnt first hand how effective this modality is for working through personal issues.

As a result, she has a strong humanistic and person centered focus when it comes to her clients.



Common Myths About Art Therapy


You have to be an artist to participate in Art Therapy

Art therapy does not rely on artistic knowledge or ability. It works by accessing imagination and creativity, qualities that all human beings possess. In order to generate new models of living and contribute to the development of a more integrated sense of self.


Only the therapist interprets the work in an Art Therapy session

Asking people to reflect on their own creative work is an important part of an art therapy process because it is understood that each individual brings their own cultural influences and personal experiences to their creative process. Client and therapist work in a collaborative manner aimed at empowering the person to discover their own meaning-making and to reach their fullest potential


Art Therapy does not have a scientific basis

Evidence-based and practice-based research is well-established in al the arts therapies including visual art therapy, dance and movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy.

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“We need to heal trauma where it is stored in the brain. That is in the lower regions that cannot be accessed through language. Art Therapy provides the perfect means to do so.”